Know how often to sterilize baby bottles

As milk attracts bacteria as it is very nutritious and delicious. As your little child is so delicate and therefore due care has to be taken while feeding the child. As the bottle that you are using for feeding your child can be one of the things that can bring bacteria and make your child ill. So sterilizing the baby bottle can help you in keeping your child safe from all disease. So here are some guidelines about how often people should sterilize baby bottles.

Guidelines about how often baby bottles should be sterilized

  • New bottles sterilize– as new bottle might look clean and sparkling but that does not mean that they are clean. They might smell nice, but they are being bathed in a cocktail before they are being packed for sale. There are various bacteria and insect eggs that might lurk therefore it is very important to boil the bottle before you use them. Make sure that you sterilize the bottle in the boiling water for at least five minutes.
  • Purify the bottle if it has been dropped on the floor– as your little child may practice this throw with the bottle. You can wash the bottle and dry it before you use but if there has been gathering dirt on the floor make sure that you sterilize it before you take it for use. If having a pet in your home like dog or cat. Therefore milk bottles it a magnet for germs and therefore washing them is not therefore enough sterilizing them is very necessary.
  • Sterilize every other day– if your child is less than four months, he is still in the process of strengthening of his life. Therefore sterilizing the bottle very day is the must as this will help the baby away from all diseases and will help you in gaining strong immune system during and will be healthy.
  • Sterilize after every three to four days– as your little child is growing, he must have learned how to crawl turn and might put the toys in her mouth. But at this time your child must have built some immunity, and there are fewer chances of getting the stomach flu. Therefore now you can sterilize the bottle every three days.
  • Wash whenever you sterilize– while you boil the bottle daily you can easily destroy them. You do not want that the chemical leach out in the plastic bottle. Therefore wash the bottle to be safe and sterilize the bottle sparingly.

Before you sterilize the bottle make sure that you clean the bottle with the warm soap water and remove all the milk residue at are present in the nook and cranny of the bottle. It will be very easy to clean the very bottle time as soon as they are empties.

Excess of milk in the bottle solidified at the walls of the feeding bottle so if they stay for a longer period. There are many chances of bacteria getting attached to the bottle. So cleaning the bottle every time will require less effort and fewer chances of bacteria accumulation.

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