Know how to sterilize baby bottles

A new born baby is very delicate and to keep your baby safe from germs and to sterilize the baby bottle can help you in getting great help. Sterilizing the bottle after every use is not necessary. Washing the bottle is the most after every sterilizing. You can easily sterilize the baby bottle by steaming, boiling and many more methods available. Other methods are equally effective and will help you in giving bacteria free diseases.

The bottles that are unsterilized attract bacteria, virus and various diseases and this will harm your baby and also affect his immune system as well. These can cause bacteria, vomiting and other flu that can be very much harmful to your Childs growth. But all this can easily be overcome with the help of sterilizing the baby bottles before you use them.

What do you mean by sterilizing the baby bottle?

Sterilizing is the process of killing all the harmful germs that are attached to the surface of the bottle and other equipment that is the nipples of the bottle. Sterilizing the bottle is very important before you use them. make sure that you sterilize the bottle at least first 12 months of your baby’s life.

Steps that will help you in sterilizing the baby bottles

The first thing that you have to do is gather all the things that you require while sterilizing. You can easily sterilize all the parts of the bottle that is the cover, nipple and many more. So here are the things that you will need for sterilizing the baby bottle. Get a pan depending of the size of the bottle, water, and tongs to remove the bottle from the hot water and a towel that will dry the bottle.

Fill the pan with 3/4 water and bring the pan to boil. While you are boiling the water take time so that the bottle disassembles completely. The place where the bacteria love to thrive is the nipples of the baby bottle. Put the bottle in the water with the help of the tongs. Leave the water and with the help of the tongs push the bottle into the water.

Leave the bottle and rest to boil the water for 5 minutes, the longer the bottle remains in the water, the better it will be. Five minutes are enough for removing all the bacteria. Then use the tongs to take the bottle and lay them on the towel to dry. Then clean the bottle and cool it enough and taking off all the water out of the bottle. Clean it with the towel and dry the bottle and then you can take them, for use it is free from all bacteria.

So if you are having a small kid in your house so make sure that you sterilize the bottle before use. This will help you in keeping your child safe and will help your child in getting stronger without making your child ill. This article will help you in getting all that you require knowing how to sterilize baby bottles.

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