Let’s know how to sterilize plastic baby bottles

As well all know that babies during the first year of their life are so vulnerable to various disease and illness. So due care must be taken to avoid risk sterilizing plastic baby bottles is one of the first steps that people should take care of. This can build bacteria that have greater chances of causing your baby ill. Sterilize plastic baby bottles is one of the easiest tasks. So this article will provide you all the important points as well as the steps hoe to sterilize plastic baby bottles.

Some of the important points that you should note before you sterilize bottles

Watch out BPA – as plastic contain BPA and another type of nasty chemicals so when you heat it leach through your baby milk. As one of the most common methods of sterilizing is heating so make sure that the bottle you are choosing is BPA free.

Make sure you sterilize new bottles as well– as the bottle is brand new that does not mean that it is free from all types of germs. So make sure while you get the new baby bottle for your child makes sure that you sterilize it before taking it for use.

Steps of sterilizing plastic baby bottles

  • So one of the first steps places the bottle in the pot and fills the pot with the water. Cover the bottle with the water. Not only the bottle but you can add the nipples as well. That heat the water this is one of the best methods that are very safe for you.
  • Put the water in the bottle to boil and cover the pot with the clean lid. Turn the burner to high and wait till the water boil. Till it boils, start timing it. Boil the water for 15 minutes, so the water sterilizes the bottle fully. And then turn off the burner.
  • After boiling process is completed, take the bottle out of the sterilized tongs. Putting your hands in hot water can burn you so using the tongs and keep the bottle out till it cools a bit.
  • Dry the bottle and this can easily be done with the clean towel so that you can easily take off the water out of the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and keep if to dry well. Keep the nipples of the bottle as well so that it is ready to use.
  • You can also shake the bottle and take the water out of the bottle. Keep the bottle in the fridge so that this will help you in keeping the bacteria out of them.
  • Before use check the nipples that they are not being damaged as over time this can damage the nipples as well. Inspection of the nipples should be done so that there is no cracking and breaking.
  • Now you can use the bottle and take them in use.

So these are the steps that will help you in knowing how to sterilize plastic baby bottles.

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