When can one stop sterilizing baby bottles?

In this age of materialization and products, numerous varieties are present in the market. Various options are available for the customers, and you can also choose the range of the product according to your own budget criteria. With the help of many products available in the market, it is easy to sterilize the baby bottles. Sterilizing protect the bottles from getting stuck to the bacteria and kill the germs present in the baby bottles and nipples.

You should at least sterilize the bottles until 12 months of the baby’s life. According to the studies and research, the immune system of the small children is very sensitive and can catch the diseases easily. They do not have the ability to fight the diseases like the adults. It is essential and necessary to take good care of the small infants. Germs can cause vomiting and diarrhea that affect the healthy growth of the children. If you want the best health for the child, then you can sterilize the bottles until 1 year. As a responsible mother an individual should notice that what they are feeding their child.

Cleaning of the bottles:- 

This is the most basic step before using the baby bottle. You can use sterilizers available in the market, and you can clean or sterilize the 6 bottles at one time. If you want more bottles to be sterilized at one time, then you should check the capability of the sterilizer.

  • You should wash the bottle just after the baby finished the milk. Use boil water for thorough cleaning.
  • Bottlebrush can frequently be used to clean the baby bottles.
  • After cleaning it with brush wash it with fresh and clean water. Now keep them in the clean place to dry for some time in the open air.


After this sterilizing process it should be done which is useful to kill the germs and viruses present in the bottle surface. The steam of the sterilizer kills all the germs and bacteria, and you can ensure the outstanding health of the infant. The infant is unable to fight the diseases easily or sufficiently well just because of the weak immune system. You can sterilize the baby bottles till the steam gets inside the bottle and the bottle gets ready to use. It will take 10 minutes or more to sterilize the bottle in the microwave sterilizer.

This is one of the most effective ways to kill germs. One should know that only washing the bottle or accessories of the baby bottles with fresh water is not enough to kill the germs sterilizer is needed to make the bottle germ free. These basic or general steps will help you to the larger extent and lessen the risk of occurring of the diseases in children. An individual does not have to make the extra efforts after feeding their children on sterilized baby bottles at least for 1 year.

Thus, many types of sterilizers can be easily purchased from the market and that too at prevailing prices. You can get the instructions in the user manual that is available with the product for free.

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